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Beautiful Parish

The parish that I belonged to some years ago went through a big change before I moved. It combined with 2 other parishes in the city. It was a difficult time for everyone involved as 2 of the churches closed and were sold. The pastor worked hard to minister to everyone and to keep the Holy Spirit alive. Many items were kept from each church and the remaining one was recently renovated. I was blessed to be there a couple years ago while the work was in process. Everything was covered in plastic and scaffolding was all around. I got a tour from the pastor explaining the vision of what the finished product would look like. It would include reproductions of artwork that had been covered over the years as well as original fixtures, furniture, and artwork from each church. Some dated back to the 1800’s. Today I received a brochure from a friend that showed the completely renovated church. There were beautiful photos and descriptions of all the details around the church that a person may not even notice without a guide. I loved looking over the pamphlet as I remembered the elements from each church. I thought everything was incorporated together in such a meaningful and lovely manner. I was so happy that my friend thought of me. It really made my day.

I Found God in a thoughtful friend that brought back memories of a beautiful parish.

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