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At the Cemetery

The cold wind the day of the funeral blew in ice and snow for the next day. However, the following afternoon was mild and sunny with a clear blue sky, so we decided to make a trip out to the cemetery. After the military honors the other day, the military cemetery performed the burial in a plot that they chose. We read the guidelines and looked at the map they gave us before we left. Once we arrived, it was pretty easy to find the place where dad was buried. I was happy it wasn’t too much of a hike for my mom. My brother had picked up some fresh flowers that we laid at the base of the temporary marker. Then we turned around to the amazing view. There in front of us was the entire front range, including the mountain where my dad worked for a few years and his beloved snow covered peak. He said he wanted to be buried with a view of the peak and that’s exactly what he received. It was another God sent, tearful moment. As we stood there, a falcon flew straight towards us. I put my arm up as an invitation for him to land. He flew very low in a regal glide, but passed us by. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done had he landed. We saw him close up again sitting on a sign when we drove out. It was a moving, yet peaceful visit.

I Found God today in his attention to details.

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