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The Great Exodus

The day after my dad’s funeral was the great exodus. I was grateful that my out of town family had stayed for 3 weeks, but it was time for everyone to make their way back home – except for one. I asked my brother if he would stay a few more days so we wouldn’t go from all to nothing in one day. Thankfully he agreed. He has been a tremendous help getting started on making contacts and filling out needed paperwork for my dad’s estate. He will leave tomorrow. I have always hated the term, “new normal”. I have been told that after every event with my parents for over 7 years now. I decided long ago that there really is no “normal”. There is only now. I pray for the strength and energy to tackle the day – the now – in whatever it brings. If I start getting too comfortable, I know things are about to change. After all, the only sure thing is that nothing will stay the same. So, my mom and I will continue to do our best to live each day as it comes. Though, I know it will require extra prayer to do so with peace and joy.

I Found God today remaining steadfast in Him.

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