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Wind Chimes

My mom and I stopped and checked the mail on our way home from Mass tonight. It included a package from some friends. They sent a beautiful card and my mom and I wept as we read the beautiful sentiments. The card was attached to a box that contained a beautiful set of wind chimes. The piece hanging at the bottom was in the shape of a leaf. It read, “Always loved & forever missed” on one side and, “Listen to the wind and think of me. In your heart, I’ll always be.” We wept again as we opened the box. I’m sure we will cry again when we hang it and hear the chimes. But, for me, they are mostly tears of love – for the love sent across the country from my friends and back to them, for the loving memories I have of my dad, for the love God has for my dad as I picture him whole and enveloped in God’s mercy, and for the love God continues to show us.

I Found God today in a beautiful gift from loving friends.

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