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It was a gorgeous day today and I was very happy to be able to go for a hike with a good friend. She is a dog lover and will stop to pet and talk to all the dogs we encounter. We talk to the people too. Today we came upon a couple with two elderly dogs who were plodding along and taking their time. When we stopped to chat one of them actually laid down. The people told us about all the different dogs and cats they had aquired to care for. Then they told us about the mouse. Evidently one of the cats caught a mouse in the house. When the woman went to pick it up, it moved. Her husband promptly got out an old aquarium to use as a house for the little critter. That was 5 years ago. The mouse was blinded after it’s mauling by the cat. But the people gave it a new life. The woman described how her grandchildren loved to feed it and give it new bedding and things to climb on. When asked what the name of the mouse was, the answer was simply, “Mouse.” I have never met anyone who loved and cared for struggling animals so much.

I Found God today in animal lovers.

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