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In Labor

In my bible class tonight, my teacher talked about the awesome experience he had being able to witness the birth of 5 of the 6 of his children. He said there was nothing like seeing his wife in labor and all the suffering that accompanied it. At the final push, he could see the tremendous pain on her face. But the people with her were all helping her, giving her strength and courage. The pain was quickly replaced with an incomparable joy when the newborn was placed in her arms. He brought this up as we read John 16:21 and likened the death transition to a woman in labor. God has given us life here on earth, but now He is calling us back to be with Him. The teacher said he could easily imagine the pain and suffering he will go through in his final moments. But the saints in Heaven will be cheering him on. And in an instant, the agony will be changed to a joy greater than we can imagine at being in the presence of God. I was told this same comparison by a Deacon who prayed with me when my dad was in the hospital, and by a Hospice nurse. I believe it to be true, especially as I saw the peace on my dad’s face after he died.

I Found God today reflecting on the joy of entering Heaven.

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