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Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Easter Sunday brought a lot of joy. My sister was here yesterday, so we spent much of the day cleaning and preparing food. I was glad about that, because it helped reduce the work load for today. This morning, my son and his girlfriend came over for breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start the day. When we got to church, our “normal” seats were filled, so my sister found us another spot. I loved singing the traditional, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” and look forward to it every year. It made me smile and my heart happy. I could feel the joyful mood of the whole congregation and the priest was equally as enthusiastic as he proclaimed that the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead has changed everything. There is hope, purpose, and meaning to every life. On the way home, my mom said she could hear everything that was said for the first time in a year. I think my sister found us some new “normal” seats. When we arrived back home, the house was full of the rest of the family who were finishing the meal. Everyone did their part and the food came out perfect. I was again grateful for the activity of children and grandchildren. Mom and I relaxed this evening after everyone left before getting to bed. It was truly a blessed day.

I Found God today in a blessed Easter.

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