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70 Years

Today was my parent’s 70th wedding anniversary. When my mother gets up in the morning, it usually takes her some time to figure out what day it is. This morning she knew. Of course she was sad that my dad wasn’t here to celebrate with her. I asked if there was anything in particular she wanted to do. She didn’t have any ideas. Our friend came over for a while and I picked up a nice bouquet of flowers when I ran some errands. That brought a smile to mom’s face. Tonight she said that she had said some prayers during the day. I asked if there were any specific prayers. She said no, just prayers. I asked if she talked to my dad today and told her that I talk to him every day. She said yes, probably several times. She told him she was sorry he didn’t make it to celebrate, but that they had 70 wonderful years together.

I Found God today helping my mom be ok on this difficult day.

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