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Celebrating Dad’s Birthday

Today my dad would have been 92 years old. My brother who is here visiting and I wanted to honor my dad today while helping my mom have a good day. We knew it would be difficult especially for my mom. We decided to go to the cemetery in the morning. I took my mom to the store where she picked out a beautiful bouquet and we headed out. The weather was perfect at the cemetery as we arranged the flowers and admired the newly placed headstone. We lingered there enjoying the sunshine, reminisced a while and said some prayers. Then we headed to mom and dad’s favorite German restaurant for lunch. They have gone there every year during their celebration weeks of birthdays and anniversary. We toasted my dad and shared a piece of his favorite black forest cake. My sister shared that it was national blueberry pie day. My dad loves blueberries, so it seemed fitting. I couldn’t find one at the grocery store, so I decided to make one in the afternoon. We enjoyed some this evening while watching dad’s favorite Star Trek episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles”. We were happy to celebrate my dad with all his favorite things and my mom really appreciated it as well.

I Found God today celebrating my dad’s birthday.

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