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God Sees You

I belong to an online Catholic Caregivers group that is helpful and encouraging. Today’s post by the administrator Heidi Hess Saxton was particularly fitting. It read, “This weekend, as you know, is Mother’s Day. And as I steel myself for the inevitable protest from women who HATE the day, for any number of reasons, I want to take a moment to THANK you, for using your motherly gifts to help those who truly need mothering: our elderly and infirm.
They may not know it’s Mother’s Day, they may not even know your name (or theirs), but I promise you … God sees you. He knows how hard you are trying. And he is proud of you. Yes, even when you get short-tempered. Even when you make a mistake. Even when you could do more.
The love you are sharing through your caregiving is a touch of heaven. Even if it is forgotten in that next moment — it will never be forgotten where it matters most, in eternity.” I wanted to pass the sentiment along. There are so many caring for others in one way or another. They may or may not even be mothers, but still need to hear that God sees them and loves them.

I Found God today reminded that God sees all of me all the time.

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