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Unbelievable Race

Today my mom, sister, and I watched the Kentucky Derby. It is one of my mom’s favorite annual events. We discussed how each horse looked as they were getting ready and which one we thought would win. The result was unbelievable as the horse that wasn’t even scheduled to be in the race until yesterday made an amazing comeback and won with the highest odds. The trainer had tragically lost many horses in a fire a few years ago, but persevered. The owner was ready to leave the racing scene, but meeting the trainer helped him have a better outlook. The horse was sold at a low price by a stable that had several derby wins. It seemed it truly was a longshot for this horse to win. It was an exciting race for sure. But the more I learned the back story, I realized that you never really know what is ahead. Tragedy and doubts will happen, but perseverance certainly paid off.

I Found God today realizing how important it is to persevere.

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