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A Different Pentecost

I have been to some amazingly vibrant and exciting Pentecost celebrations and always look forward to today’s solemnity. However, today’s Mass was quite different. The priest started by saying how nice it was to use a microphone, because when he celebrated Mass earlier at a different church, their sound system wasn’t working. It was more than ironic when he stood at the podium to deliver his homily and the power went out. No one knew what to do for a minute or so til it was announced that everything was ok- just the power had gone out. The priest talked in his loudest voice and everyone was super quiet as we strained to hear what he had to say. We sit near the back and I only caught a few sentences. Since it was Pentecost, he wanted us to say a few extra prayers, which we did, but he struggled through them as he couldn’t see the words very well. As I thought about why this would happen to this elderly, gentle priest and on a day that should have been vibrant, I of course didn’t have an answer. But I did start to notice God all around. He was in the flames on the candles that lit the altar and podium. He was in the skylight that prominently lit the Tabernacle. He was in the breeze that flowed through when they opened the doors. He was in the prayers, our intentions and efforts, and in the Eucharist. He was in the collective “Amen” when the power clicked back on. While Pentecost is associated with driving wind and tongues of fire, I was reminded that isn’t always how God shows up. He is in the stillness, the quiet, the unusual, the ordinary, and in our observations.

I Found God today in an unusual Pentecost celebration.

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