I was just perusing my previous blogs this evening. When I started writing, I simply wanted to shed a little light on the love and goodness that God offers every day. What I have received is so much more. I have managed to capture a somewhat decent record of my and my family’s live events. Writing every evening and reflecting on my day has been therapeutic for my mind and soul. It has helped me continue and even grow deeper into my relationship with God. And, as I read through many previous entries tonight, I am able to remind myself how good God is to me. That is so absolutely necessary as I seem to have a memory problem and am too quick to focus on the difficulties. I am glad I responded to God’s promptings to start writing so many years ago. I would encourage you to listen and move when you feel God leading you in a certain direction. If it is from Him, you will be blessed in abundance.

I Found God today re-reading about how good He is to me.

2 comments on “Re-Reading

  1. I just got back from an early morning walk up to Langley Parkway and back (all along Clinton Street) and read your blog. Yes! It is important to respond to God’s impressions to do something! I had a good conversation with Him on my walk at 6:30 am just now and thanked Him for leading me to speak out to the Concord school board at their meeting last night. He gave me the words to say and I received a lot of hand-clapping when I finished but it was a “God-thing.” He put the words in my mouth. I give Him ALL the credit. [Hope the new Middle School will get rebuilt right where it is now and not way up on Clinton Street where CORNERSTONE Church has property for a sports field they want to sell to the city!!]


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