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Soothing Weekend

My mom, sister, and I were happy that we were able to spend the 3-day weekend at the cabin. It had been almost 2 years since we had spent an overnight there. When we used to go on a regular basis, typically the first night was difficult perhaps due to the travel, the higher altitude, using a different bed, or all of the above. But the 2nd night things calmed down and everyone was able to sleep better. That is what I anticipated. As expected, the first night my mother barely slept at all. I was with her to make sure she was ok, so I didn’t sleep either. I was looking forward to night 2. Unfortunately, my mom still didn’t sleep well. However, we were all still able to enjoy being there and get some much needed cleaning done. When we planned on making the trip, I wasn’t at all sure how it would go. Even with the difficulties mom had, she still said she loved being there and that it was “soothing”. That made it all worthwhile.

I Found God today knowing that my mom found the weekend at the cabin “soothing”.

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