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Peaceful Cabin Trip

The last time we went to the cabin, my mom was having a very difficult time getting into the bathroom. She’s a little more unstable than she was and the walk through doorways are super small, so her walker wouldn’t fit through. Determined to resolve the issue, I found a smaller, lighter, 3-wheeled walker online that I thought would work and ordered it. Today was a beautiful Fall day, so my mom and I packed up the new little walker among other things and made the trip up to the cabin. On the way, we passed groves of Aspen trees. Some had lost their leaves already, but many were shimmering gold. It was beautiful. When we arrived, mom was excited to try out her new little walker. Before I knew it, she was in and out of the doorways and walking all around. She loved the way the new walker maneuvered in the tight spaces. Soon she found a half finished puzzle that we left on the table and got busy finishing it. We had lunch, took care of a couple things, and just enjoyed the place for a while before we headed back. As my mom put it, it was a very peaceful trip. I agreed.

I Found God today in a peaceful trip to the cabin.

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