Veteran’s Day Blessing

My brother left to go back home yesterday after a great visit. He also fixes up some things on my to do list of which I am extremely grateful. When he was here a few months ago, he took much of my dad’s military memorabilia and built a beautiful shadowbox to house it all. He brought it with him this trip and we were in awe. He put so much care and love into his labor and it was evident. My mother found the perfect spot for it when she had an epiphany during a nap. She wanted other people to see it, but also wanted it in her room. My brother mounted it on the wall she chose. Once it was hung, we realized that you can see it from the kitchen and the hall. So, while it is in a private place for my mom, it is also in view for others. When she gets these clear and firm ideas, I know she is being led by the Spirit. It was a blessing to have the display for Veteran’s Day.

I Found God today remembering my dad through a heartfelt work of art on Veteran’s Day.

2 comments on “Veteran’s Day Blessing

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad’s career serving our country. Bob and I just watched the video used at our dad’s funeral which included several from his time serving in the army. It was the perfect thing to do on Veteran’s Day.


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