Family, New and Longtime Friends

Yesterday my sister, mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group. We met my new friend and her mother there. I met them at the grief support group I have been attending. The mother was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and this was the first time they attended this meeting. The larger group broke up into two smaller groups – caregivers and people with Parkinson’s. My sister stayed with my mom so she could help her to hear what was being said and they sat with the older woman while the daughter and I attended the caregivers session. As the meeting went on and there was so much information, I could see her getting overwhelmed. I told her I understood and to try to just take one thing at a time. Even though it was difficult, I’m sure we all met and were together there in God’s perfect plan.

Also this weekend, I wrapped up my week long birthday celebration. My very generous family all pitched in and purchased a getaway for me. I started yesterday afternoon with a massage. Then I checked into a resort at the base of the mountains. After enjoying the view from my room for a while, I took the longest, hottest shower I have ever had. Then a friend met me and we had dinner together. After dinner I just wanted to relax and watch a movie. One of my favorites was on, “Princess Bride”. I loved it. In the morning I treated myself to breakfast in the mountain view restaurant and tasted everything I could from the buffet. Today was my actual birthday and I received an unexpected phone call from a friend this morning. I was also blessed with many birthday wishes and prayers from friends, family, and even some people I have never met. And tonight there was cake. It was an amazing day of which I am very grateful.

I Found God today in his perfect plan, in family, new friends, long time friends, and friends I have not yet met.

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  1. Happy Birthday.


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