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Made the Call

A friend of my mom’s lived across the street from us 50 years ago. They have stayed in touch via the annual holiday cards, but the last time they saw each other was over 10 years ago. My mom’s friend is always the first one to send out cards at the turning of the Fall, and we received hers a couple of weeks ago. In the letter, she said my mom should call her and they should get together. It was placed on the mantle awaiting the rest of the holiday cards. This afternoon out of the blue, mom thought of her friend, remembered the note, and decided she needed to call her. She read the letter again and made some notes as to what she wanted to say. Then we made the call. The woman answered and was pleasantly surprised that it was really my mom on the other end. We chatted a bit and made arrangements to get together. It was such a blessing for both my mom and her friend to touch base with one another again.

I Found God today in my mom’s thoughts and call to a long time friend.

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