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Most Energy

I had a list of errands to run today, however, our friend who usually comes to stay with mom wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it. There was a time when this would have really thrown me off. I am glad that I have learned that everything happens in God’s time, in God’s plan. My mom had a lot of energy this morning – more than she has had in weeks as she hasn’t been feeling well with a UTI among other things. After breakfast, she did an exercise video. Then a home therapist came earlier than planned and did another workout with her. After lunch I took her out to get some supplies for her hearing aids and get them cleaned and checked. Now we should be all set for the upcoming holidays. I decided to order groceries and later in the afternoon, mom came for another car ride to pick them up. She was pretty tired by bedtime, but from being active instead of not feeling well. While the day didn’t turn out as I had planned, it turned out as God had planned.

I Found God today in His day.

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