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Safe Communities

Tonight my mom and I watched the Mass of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the parish I used to work for. The pastor started by saying that this afternoon, the police received an emergency call that there was an active shooter at the school on campus. It is hard to even imagine this happening at a place so dear to my heart. However, it was a blessing that at that time, everyone was in the church celebrating Mass. Evidently a police officer told the pastor just before the final blessing. So, everyone stayed in the church while the police investigated the incident at the school. I can only imagine the fear that must have swept over the community. But, as the pastor said, Our Lady interceded for them and spared the children and teachers the anxiety of locking down and having police officers comb through their classrooms. Evidently there were several of the same calls throughout the state and all were a hoax. Thanking God that this day did not end in a tragedy.

I Found God today in safety for communities.

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