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Our Tech Guy

I had a memory pop up today on social media of a post and photo I shared 9 years ago. It was when my son was in college and was a thrower on the track team. It was difficult travelling to far away places to watch his meets. I was excited when I learned that one of them would be live streamed. That was a rarity at the time. This is what my post said in part:

” . . .The camera work and commentating was done by college students who enjoyed the running races and knew little about the throwing events. Those events happened down at one end of the track. My son texted me to let me know he was getting ready for his turn. I called my sister who is in another state and we watched together. The camera followed the runners, so would sweep by the throwing area very quickly. It took a keen eye to spot my son for split seconds at a time. But at one point, the camera actually came to a halt just as it was my son’s turn. He threw the weight, pumped his fist, and did a triumphant leap. He later told me that it was his best throw so far. The shotput event was later, and I called my parents so we could watch it together. It was even more challenging to see him this time. But my dad figured out how to pause the stream and did so just as it was my son’s turn. Then he took a picture of the screen to commemorate the day.”

Dad was always our tech guy. We could count on him to figure things out. It was a good memory.

I Found God today remembering how blessed I was with my techy dad.

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