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Best Friend’s Birthday

Today was my mom’s friend’s birthday. She came over today as usual to play piano. My mom wanted to get her some balloons, so yesterday we stopped by the party store and picked some out. One had a giant note on it, so that was particularly fitting. It was a fun surprise. I asked my mom what she thought helped them to be such good friends for so long. She said first and foremost was that they had the same interest – music and piano playing. That is how they met. Her friend was the director for the church choir and they needed an organist. And so it began. They have committed to getting together on a regular basis for years. They both lived the lifestyle of a military wife and even lived in some of the same places. They have a lot in common. But besides all that, they have been helpful and supportive to one another in good times and in difficult situations. Their friendship is quite a blessing.

I Found God today in a beautiful, long friendship.

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