Jesus Revolution

Today I put on my tie-dye I ❤️ Jesus t-shirt and was blessed to be able to go to the movie, “Jesus Revolution” with a group of people from the community where we live. It is based on a true story of the relationship between a street preacher, pastor, and young people looking for their way in life. The events took place in the 1970’s when hippies were rejecting the mainstream propaganda and wanting more – seeking truth. Many found that truth in Jesus Christ and helped others to do so. As a matter of fact, at least 2 evangelical churches that were started due to the revolution are still going strong. The plot was moving, tragic, charismatic, hopeful, and joyful. A couple lines have stuck with me – “The truth is quiet, it’s the lies that are loud.” And a conversation, “I feel like worshipping alone tonight.” “I don’t think it works that way.” Since I was wearing my t-shirt from the youth group I was involved with, I also found myself reflecting on how humbling it was to be part of a revolution on a smaller scale. I witnessed so many young people – and adults – experiencing God’s tremendous love as we prayed, sang, worshipped, and participated in events. I wondered how God is currently working in their lives and prayed for them. The day was like a mini retreat.

I Found God today in a Jesus Revolution.

2 comments on “Jesus Revolution

  1. I was with you in that Jesus celebration years ago and I pray for you and yours too, Tammy! You were and still are pivotal in my faith journey! May God bless you! ❤️


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