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They’re Back

Ever since our hawks – I call them “ours” because they made a nest in our tree – left last Fall, we have been wondering if they would return to the nest for mating season. I have been keeping a close eye out because this was about the time we saw them last year, but had not spotted them. This morning I heard some bird commotion and thought that was interesting. Then, before I made it upstairs, I got a message from our neighbor. He said he looked out the window and saw a hawk. I ran upstairs and went out on the porch. Sure enough, there was a hawk in the tree. I think there are two of them. We saw them several times bringing sticks and branches into the nest. When our friend came over today, she excitedly reported that a hawk was on our roof. She and my mom sat outside for a while today and saw them a couple of times. And so begins Hawk Watch 2023. We are looking forward to the activity and entertainment.

I Found God today in the return of the hawks.

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