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Most Energetic

I hated waking my mom up this morning, she was sleeping so soundly. But she has a haircut appt. When she got up, she said she had really slept well. We only had time for her to get ready and eat breakfast before getting in the car for her appointment. Having her hair washed, cut and styled usually takes it out of my mom. When we got in the car to leave, I half jokingly asked if there was anything else she wanted to do while we were out. I was surprised when she answered, “Sure!” Every time we go for her haircut, we pass the mining museum. She always says she wants to go there as it has been years since the last time she went. So we stopped by there on our way home. We arrived just in time for one of the guides to demonstrate the huge old steam engines. They were loud, powerful, and had very interesting stories. Then we walked through the museum. There was even a part that was like being inside a mine. We had fun navigating mom’s walker through that, but took it as good exercise. She really enjoyed the museum. When we got home, we had lunch and mom had a good nap. Later when she played the piano, it was a good long session and she said she could follow the music more clearly. It’s amazing how much sleep can make a difference in cognition and energy. It was wonderful to see mom have such a great day.

I Found God today in my mom’s positive energy level.

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