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The Afterlife

Unfortunately, my mom’s friend who I mentioned yesterday died this morning. I had a “feeling” about that this morning as I prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet for her. Of course my mom was sad and we talked about our own mortality. She remembered that at one time, her brother died for a couple of minutes when his heart stopped. Then he was resuscitated. He said during that time he saw his family down below him. After that, he was not afraid of death. My mom wasn’t sure if that was really a true thing that happened or not. But there are many accounts of the same thing happening to others. If you believe in Jesus Christ, there is hope and the promise of everlasting life in joy and peace. Not only that, He can and does make Himself known while we’re still here, alive, so we can realize we can trust Him and His promises. That’s what I’m working for. I pray you are too.

I Found God today reminded of His eternal promise.

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