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Beautiful Gestures

A friend of mine told me about some ways she is honoring loved ones. A friend of her’s mother passed away. Several months later, her friend contacted her and asked if she would like some of the religious items that the mom had accumulated. She gratefully accepted. One of the items was a statue of Jesus. The statue had a hole in the bottom. My friend is going to print a photo of the mom and place it in the hole, so that no matter where the statue goes, the mom will be a part of it. She also acquired several rosaries. She remembers the mom when she prayers with them and she has documented the history of the beads. This way when they get passed on again – likely to one of her family members – the person who receives them will know and pray for them too. I thought these were beautiful gestures my friend is making to honor loved ones.

I Found God today in beautiful gestures to honor loved ones.

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