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On a Tangent

When my mom’s friend comes over, she is always prepared with news and topics for conversation. Usually we go off on tangents during our visits. I look things up on the internet and we confirm facts or learn new things. Today she talked about a book she was reading that was historical fiction. It included references to the magician Houdini. She knew that my dad’s dad was a magician, so we started talking about him. Then we got out the family history scrapbook that my dad made with my sister. It is loaded with information of his family tree going way back. We found the pages of my grandfather and his magic shows. He was part of the Houdini club in his area and had correspondence from Houdini’s wife, but I’m not sure if he ever met the famous man or not. I remembered my dad and sister working on the album. My dad worked so hard on it for quite some time. Then as he declined, he didn’t want to so any more and my sister finished it with his approval. I – we – are so happy that this was completed before my dad died. It is such a treasure.

I Found God today in my dad’s memories.

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