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Spiritual Connections

I had very strong unexpected spiritual connections today. First, I met a friend for lunch. She is a caregiver also and a very faithful woman. We prayed together at the restaurant and had beautiful conversation as we usually do. She noted that the relationship with another faithful person is something special – that you understand each other on a different level. I agreed. Then I visited a friend in my prayer group who found he has cancer and – according to the doctors – just a few months to live. He opted out of the chemo treatment as they said it may extend his life for only a few additional months. I brought him some Lourdes holy water and we talked. I hugged his wife while she cried. She said she was getting her strength from him. He is very accepting, at peace, and ready to be with God. In the evening, my mom wanted to go to the Holy Thursday Mass. She hasn’t been in years. I knew it would be well attended and when we arrived, the parking lot was pretty full. I drove around to the handicapped parking places and told my mom I didn’t think there would be an empty … Before I could finish, I spotted the one empty space waiting for us. During the celebration, the priest washes the feet of 12 people, reenacting Jesus’ example of serving others. Tonight our priest washed the feet of 12 children. That was new to me, but it was beautiful. I thought about the people I was with today and how each of them is a servant in their own way – caregiving, sharing their faith, praying with and for others. And I prayed for myself too; that I may have the strength, fortitude, and whatever else I need to be of joyful service. Much to my surprise, my mom made it through the whole Mass. She was so happy she went.

I Found God today in spiritual connections.

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