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Faith Through Violence

On this Good Friday, my mom was all tuckered out from attending Mass last night, so we didn’t make it to church. However, we read through the scriptures and prayers together. We also watched the Stations of the Cross on EWTN. It took place in the Colosseum in Rome. The scene was beautiful and somber at the same time. At each station, a true story was read about a young person caught in the turmoil of war and violence of some kind. They were stories that Pope Francis heard personally as he visited different areas around the globe. Many included accounts of forgiveness and working to build peace. They were powerful witnesses. It really made me think about the end result of war and violence and what a person or group might be trying to accomplish. I’m sure much has to do with power. The reality is that it ends with death. Whatever may happen for good or bad, people die – the leaders die at some point, and pain and destruction are left behind. But, peace can also flourish. Many of those in the stories were determined not to allow their pain to be a catalyst for more violence, but for peaceful cooperation instead. Some spoke of uniting their suffering to that of Jesus. I marveled at that kind of faith.

I Found God today in heartfelt, faith filled stories of young people caught in violence.

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