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Grateful on Easter

As I celebrated Easter, I found myself very grateful. I was grateful to be able to go to Mass with my mom and sister. There were some people there I recognized, but many I did not. I had been waiting to sing, “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”, and it was the entrance hymn. The singing and vocal responses during Mass were vibrant and I loved praying with the community. The homily focused on the fact that Jesus Christ raised from the dead and that we may be with Him and our loved ones forever. As I really thought about this, I was humbled and grateful that God would go through such measures for us who are so fickle. When it came time for Holy Communion, I noticed many people got up and left. Of course, I do not know the reason for that. Perhaps some people felt disconnected from the Church, or misunderstood the Eucharist. I almost wanted to jump up and say, “Wait! The best part is coming!”, but I prayed instead. When we got home, my mom took a good nap before people came over for dinner. My sister and I made veggies and sides and my son smoked a ham. It was delicious and I was grateful that he had offered to do that. While people were over, we Zoomed with the rest of the family. Seeing everyone was wonderful and I still appreciate the technology to do so. I also appreciated that I could touch base with far away friends. My mom had a great day and I was mostly grateful that she felt well enough to participate in and enjoy the busy day.

I Found God today being grateful on Easter.

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