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In The Beginning

So, this is the new beginning to my daily “God-sightings”. Since my decision to start a new blog at the beginning of the year, it took me a while to figure out where to post, then how to use a new program, a new format, and decide what to say. Hopefully from here on out, it will be smooth sailing. I hope you enjoy the ride with me!

Quite honestly, as the end of 2014 approached, I was having a difficult time keeping a daily blog. (If you have not yet, I encourage you to read the “About” page.) I had recently moved across the country to be back with my parents and give them a much needed hand. This was a complete change of lifestyle for me. The hustle and bustle of the holidays came and I celebrated in a very different way from many previous years. I missed my friends and family who were far away, but at the same time enjoyed the family that was now in the same area. I thought it would be nice to take a break and not try to record God’s work every day. But in these few short weeks, there has been no lack of His presence (of course). And I as I found Him, I also found myself wanting to write again. So – I will begin by sharing just a few of the experiences over the past few weeks.

My sister’s birthday was approaching and we planned a celebration for her. The day before the party, she thought about a friend of mine whose birthday is the following week. She thought about asking me to call and invite her over, but then got caught up in other business. I had been playing phone tag with my friend and we had not connected since I had moved back. The next morning as my sister was driving to the house, my friend called. She just happened to be in the neighborhood! So, she came over and we all caught up on life, shared pictures, laughed like crazy, and had a great time. She really added a lot of joy to the celebration.     I Found God in the joy of celebrating my sister and a continued friendship even after a long absence.

The brother of my son’s close friend passed away unexpectedly. My son was in the hospital room at the time of his death, along with several other friends and family members. They had all gathered to usher the young man to his next journey. Later, as my son was visiting the family, they received the phone call from the hospital and were told that they were able to use the young man’s kidneys to transplant in two different people. One of them was very ill and hypersensitive. They had been awaiting a perfect match. Through the tragedy, the family was able to find comfort in the fact that the death of their loved one was able to bring life to two people who may not have had the chance.    I Found God by being made aware of the fragility of life and the ability of a grieving family to find comfort in a tragic situation.

A long time friend reached out after my return. First, she offered me a job in the family owned business. While I did not feel it was the right fit for me, I was so appreciative of her thoughtfulness. We got together and I saw some of their kids I had not seen in years. We shared pictures of those who were married and now had children of their own and wondered how time went by so quickly. Even though we did not stay in good communication while I was in a different location, when we did connect we just picked up where we left off. It was such a blessing to be able to have a night out and have real woman talk with a close friend.    I Found God in the deep friendship of a close friend.

The other day, it seemed like my mom, dad, and I were ultra-connected. Every time one of us would say something, another one would exclaim, “I was JUST thinking that!” Even to the point where my dad was out getting the car fixed and called when he was about to head home. He told me that he was looking at buying a new car. While he was telling me this, my mom said, “I bet he was looking at buying a new car.” It literally went on all day and we thought it was hysterical.    I Found God in the existence of connecting on deep level and the laughter that accompanied it.

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