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Wisdom of Heaven

I went to an event this afternoon that honored those who are supporting families who foster children. In our city, there are teams of people who volunteer to help fostering families by offering babysitting, outings, running errands, or whatever else they may need. One family included a dad who was a pastor. He spoke for a few minutes about how much he appreciated his team of volunteers. He quoted scripture from James 3:13 “Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show his works by a good life in the humility that comes from wisdom.” and also James 3:17, “But the wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, gentle, compliant, full of mercy and good fruits, without inconstancy or insincerity.” He said the volunteers are giving of themselves and doing “good works” that may seem difficult or perhaps even meaningless. But they are in fact what God asks of us as we love each other. Because of this, they have acquired the wisdom of heaven and can show peace, gentleness, and mercy. I loved this correlation and encouragement.

I Found God today in a beautiful explanation of the wisdom of Heaven.

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