No Fanfare Here

Today I read a paragraph from my favorite artist Matt Maher. He wrote in part:

“600,000 rivets in the Golden Gate Bridge. None of them are praised for what they do but they’re important. On their own they’re not much. But united, they’re part of a wonder of the world. More than ever we need people willing to be part of something bigger than themselves. So here’s to the rivets and the bridges – we need them both. Whichever one you are – do it well and with all the joy you can muster.”

I know a lot more rivets than bridges – people who work day in and day out for the benefit of others, doing their small part in the world around them without recognition or awards. I know people who do it well – calm, peaceful, joyful, loving. And I see those who struggle trying to muster some joy. I thank God for all the rivets in my life. So many people have influenced me, taught me, and encouraged me. I am grateful for them all, but I wonder if they know how much they have meant to me? Perhaps I can make sure they do.

I Found God today reflecting on the small things that people do all the time without fanfare of recognition.

2 comments on “No Fanfare Here

  1. Thanks Tammy for another important reminder of appreciating people in our lives. Happy New Year!


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