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My parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary today. They said several times that they couldn’t believe how much time has gone by and that they are still here to celebrate. It just happened to also be Good Friday. The weather outside was just about perfect, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head over to the park. One park near the house was just opened last year. It has sports playing fields, covered or open picnic tables, wide walking paths, assorted playgrounds for the kids, and even a small water spray area that was not yet turned on. As we ate our lunch, we watched all the commotion of busy children. My dad clapped for the little girl doing cartwheels, so she thanked him and did some more. Everyone was happy to be outside enjoying the beautiful day. After the park, we went to the Stations of the Cross at the church. The prayers were somber, yet powerful as we remembered how Jesus took our sins upon Himself to death on the cross. And in exchange, He asks us to allow Him to love us. I thought of the scene in the movie “The Passion” where Jesus looked at His mother and said, “See, I make all things new.” The statement seemed very relevant today. It was indeed a Good Friday.

I Found God today in celebrating my parents on Good Friday.

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