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Not Alone

Today I finished reading Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ” for my Bible class. It ended predictably with the Ascension. Sheen talked about Christ’s glorified Body that He promised would continue on, which is the Church. Of course, I had heard this before and it had made sense. However, when I read Fulton Sheen’s words of explanation, I started to have a much deeper understanding. As a Baptized person, I am already a part of the Body of Christ. All other Baptized believers – living and deceased – are also a part of the same Body. I belong to a family – a world – much bigger than what I can see or participate in on this earth. And they are all on my side – rooting for me, praying for me. It is more than I can comprehend, but it suddenly became clearer to me and is worth spending time contemplating.

I Found God today realizing the extent of the Body of Christ that I am a part of.

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