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And He’s Home

This morning my brother made his way up to the rehabilitation center and came home with a tired, happy father. It has been quite a long few weeks for him recovering from the stroke and there have been some very difficult situations. But he stuck through it always looking forward to this day. He is navigating around pretty well with his walker, though my brother and I are there at the ready. We got his new medications and went over his discharge information – my brother called it his “instruction manual”. My brother’s dog was particularly concerned and it was all we could do to keep her from smothering him with affection. He took several uninterrupted naps and went to bed early. So far, so good. Home health care will begin tomorrow. We are all just so happy that my dad is home and doing so well, especially since less than 4 weeks ago we couldn’t wake him up and were wondering how all this would turn out. We are so grateful for all the prayers by good friends. God has indeed blessed him – and us.

I Found God today having my dad back home and functioning pretty well.

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