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Rescuing Each Other

Tonight my family was talking about the time I fell into a lake. My mom’s parents owned a cottage on a lake in Wisconsin. We would visit from time to time and always loved going out on the dock to see what we could see. One time, when I was about 4 years old, I was on the dock leaning over to see some fish and fell in. I remember it vividly. I saw a fish, the long, stringy kelp, and a leg of the dock under the water. Although I was in shallow water, it never occurred to me that I should try to stand up. My parents’ said that they were sitting in the grass watching us kids. My dad was holding my sister who just a baby. When he saw me go in, he quickly shoved my sister to my mom, ran onto the dock and pulled me out. He noted that it was a good thing he did, as now I am here caring for them. I guess I am returning the favor.

I Found God today realizing how God cares for us to care for one another.

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