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Trinitarian Encounter

A friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and, though the cancer is gone, he has still been struggling with his health. When I spoke to he and his wife last week, things were not going well. I spoke to them again tonight, and he told me of a spiritual encounter he had over the weekend. Saturday night he awoke and went into his study. He sat in the chair there and said he felt as if he went into a trance of some kind. He could not explain exactly what it was, but he was in total peace. He had no thoughts other than occasional reminders of blessings that he had received. He said he felt God, but in the Holy Trinity – he was aware of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Again, he didn’t have words for exactly what that felt like. He said he had never felt anything like it before. Sunday morning he realized it was Trinity Sunday as celebrated in the Catholic Church. He started feeling physically better that day and has been on an upward trend since then. It was a story of a beautiful encounter with God in the still, quiet of the night. I am grateful he is feeling better.

I Found God today as a friend experienced Him in the Trinity.

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