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Emulating Workcamp

A neighbor came over this afternoon to do some work on the outside of the porch. It has a stucco covering that has been deteriorating, and the Board of Directors of the complex has been slow in responding to the repair request. So, the neighbor who is our “roofmate” decided to just take matters into his own hands. He refurbished his own porch and wanted to do ours as well. I chatted with him as he layed down his tarp, held it in place with rocks so it wouldn’t blow away, and started scraping off the loose stucco. It brought me right back to my days at Workcamp when I was a youth minister. I remembered doing the same preparation to the many homes that were repaired during that time. I thought about all the youth and adults who participated in the camps. They were some of the most amazing faith-filled events that I have ever been a part of and I thank God for them often. Then I realized that our neighbor emulated the same selfless, faithful qualities that were the foundation of Workcamp.

I Found God today in a selfless neighbor who brought back memories of amazing Workcamps.

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