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Dream a Dream

Tonight my parents’ and I watched a virtual concert by the local Children’s Chorale. The ensemble consisted of several individual choirs of different ages and even an all guys group. The concert showcased recordings from Christmas and other events as well as the youth singing together virtually. It was delightful watching the energy, enthusiasm, and talent of the children as they sang, danced, and just plain enjoyed themselves. The sound of the older youth was beautiful and peaceful. Each director spoke and gave out awards. Even the mayor had a few words to say. Ironically, the theme chosen for the 2019-2020 year was, “Building a Better World Through Song.” Having no idea what the year would bring, it was perfect. Since the Chorale started, they have been closing with the song, “Dream a Dream”. One of the founders described it as having a message of hope, empathy, love, and peace. They, of course, ended this virtual concert with the song. I was teary eyed by the end. The show was just what we wanted and needed, especially now. It was a blessing.

I Found God today in children singing and sharing a beautiful message.

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