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God’s Interruption

When we went to the cabin recently, we had planned on staying until Sunday. However, my mom had a very hard time sleeping, which meant that none of us got very good sleep for a couple of days. By the time Saturday afternoon came around, we decided it would be best to just head back to the city and sleep on our “regular” beds. It was a quick decision and somewhat disappointing. However, today I read that there was a terrible fatal accident involving 5 vehicles on the road we travel. The horrible incident closed the 2-lane highway. What’s more, the accident happened at about the same time that we would have been in the area. Did God interrupt our plans to spare us from being a part of the traffic, or even worse – part of the accident? I do believe that God does try to thwart our plans for our own good. We don’t always know why and we don’t always cooperate. But when we do, we can be made keenly aware of His protection.

I Found God today being grateful for His Divine interruption.

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