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One For All

The priest we listened to today started out by talking about the pandemic. He pointed out that virus does not discriminate. It will attack people of all ages, nationalities, races, colors, gender, financial state, social status, etc. We are all taking certain precautions such as wearing face masks, keeping distance, etc. to care for ourselves and to care for one another. In spite of “social distancing”, we are still connected and we need each other to thrive. We are all vulnerable. We should have empathy and care about those who are affected and are suffering. Today’s scripture readings were all about God being available to all people. Jesus made it clear that His love, His salvation is available to everyone – not just a certain group of people. Not only that, if we have faith, it is our responsibility to help others know that God is accessible. He is, after all, the One who created each and every one of us.

I Found God today in a reminder that God is the One for all.

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