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Prayer During a Scary Situation

I woke with a start this morning, found my rosary and started praying. A few minutes after I finished, my phone rang. It was my older son. I knew right away there was something wrong. He told me he was in an ambulance going to the hospital and that he had totalled his car. He was understandably distraught and somewhat confused. It took a couple of minutes for me to figure out that he had been in an accident. He was mostly upset about the car. I told him not to worry about that right now and we just needed to make sure he was ok. After he hung up for the rest of his ambulance ride, I called his wife. She was very distressed and was trying to calm herself. My son had called her before he had called 911. Together, they called for assistance. Fortunately, her sister lives not too far from them and her brother-in-law went to the site of the crash and stayed with my son until the EMT’s arrived. My son was examined at the hospital and released with medication and directions to rest. Gratefully, he had no severe injuries. Later, I was able to get the full story of what had happened. The roads were icy this morning and my son was making his weekly trip to the dump. As he approached a certain turn in the road, he knew it was a particularly hazardous area as he had been on it hundreds of times. He maneuvered the corner as before, but the vehicle did not respond. My son said that everything then happened in slow motion and immediately at the same time. He tried all the different things he knew to try to stop the car from sliding, but to no avail. The best he could do was to try to steer as he headed down an embankment. When everything stopped, the car was tipped on the driver’s side with the airbags deployed. He climbed out of the passenger’s side of the vehicle with the EMT’s help. Then, he was transported to the hospital. I am thanking God that things did not end up much worse. I am grateful that no one else was in the car at the time – particularly the kids. I am grateful that he wasn’t seriously injured. I am grateful that I followed the inclination to pray at the same time my son was experiencing this very scary situation.

I Found God today grateful that my son is ok after a scary situation.

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