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Friend’s Surprise Vaccine

Like most people, we have been watching for the opportunity to receive the coronavirus vaccine. My parents and I are all connected to the same health care system. They sent us each an email a couple weeks ago stating that they would let us know when it is our turn to get the injection. At the beginning of this week my mom and I heard on the news that the provider had tested their system by randomly choosing several people in the state to get the vaccine. Today I spoke to a friend of mine who announced that her husband was one of those people. On Monday morning, he found in his email an invitation to make an appointment for the shot. He went through the process and received his first dose on Tuesday. He already has his appointment for the second injection. He reported that he barely felt anything and has had no adverse reactions. He has been battling bladder cancer for 3 years now and has had several ups and downs. For them, this was the best way the family could have started the new year. I was so happy for him to be one of those randomly chosen. It was a blessing to hear their excitement and joy.

I Found God today in the blessing of a vaccine for a friend.

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