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Changing Day

My dad had a very restless night last night and was exhausted this morning. He described the crazy thoughts, dreams, and sleep-awake cycles that kept him from getting a good night’s sleep. I felt so bad for him. This afternoon, however, we had an appointment to pick up his new hearing aid. He has been struggling since the one got lost. It is always a pleasure to see this doctor and today she tweaked the two hearing aids to a good level. It was obvious that he could hear much better. On the way home, we picked up a bag of ground coffee for my dad to use on his drip coffee maker. He had ground his own, but the coffee was turning out too weak and he was pretty frustrated with it. When we got home, he made a cup with the new coffee and it turned out wonderful. My parents and I rejoiced that what started out with a pretty awful morning, ended with great happiness.

I Found God today as the day’s mood went from exhaustion to joy.

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