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Not an Emergency

I talked with a friend today who is a spiritual director/life coach also. She has been such a help to me as I do my best to navigate COVID and caring for my parents. One thing we talked about recently is the idea to not let my thoughts, worries, and fears of the future get the best of me. When I find my mind wandering to places that make me anxious, I have to tell myself the truth of the day. Breath . . . It’s OK, we are home safe, we are warm and have food. It’s OK. Breath . . . Everything may not be “fine”, but at the same time, there is no emergency right now. It’s OK. I then thank God for how He is taking care of us in that moment. I may have to talk to myself this way more than once during the day, and will continue to practice, but it has been a tremendous help to maintain some kind of peace and hope.

I Found God today remembering that each day is not an emergency and that God is caring for us.

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