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The Peace Love Rock

My parents were awake early this morning with sore arms from their 2nd COVID-19 vaccines. They took a Tylenol and headed back to bed. They got up a few hours later and had breakfast. They were still a little achy and very tired. So they took another Tylenol and laid back down. They rested another couple of hours before getting up. We had lunch and I was so happy that my parents felt pretty good. I had anticipated that they might not feel well for a couple of days after the vaccine, but prayed that they would not have severe reactions. Later, my dad even did some laundry and my mom and I went for a short walk. On our way back, I noticed a red heart-shaped rock sitting on the ledge of a pillar on the edge of the sidewalk. It had a yellow peace sign painted on it. To me, it was a reminder to be peaceful and trust in God’s love.

I Found God today as my parents fared very well after their 2nd COVID-19 vaccine.

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