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New Coffeemaker

My dad had a very nice big coffeemaker that he used to make his drinks just the way he likes. He even made fancy cappuccinos. A few months ago it started making unnecessary loud sounds and parts weren’t moving the way they should. We brought the machine to the repair company that my parents have used for years. The serviceman called a few weeks later with the bad news. It would cost almost as much to fix the coffeemaker as it would to replace it. My dad sadly told him he would not be putting the money into the repair. By this time, he had learned to make a good cup of coffee with the pour over gadget and decided he would stick to that. However, using the pour over is time consuming and my dad has talked about wanting to get another kind of coffeemaker. We asked the family for input and they answered overwhelming that we should get a Keurig. Today we made it happen. I looked up the options and found a store where I could order what we wanted and pick it up. That is just what we did. We were happy to be out and have a nice drive. Once back home, we set up the machine. It was pretty straight forward and easy. My mom and I watched in anticipation as my dad tried his first cup. He said it was a little different from what he had been making, but it was good. The machine has several different options and I’m sure my dad will be playing with them until he figures out how to get his perfect cup. I remembered that he had a chemistry set in his room as a child and would play around with the different chemicals to see what he could create. I think this is the same kind of thing.

I Found God today getting my dad set up with a new coffeemaker.

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