Back to Playing

Due to COVID-19, it has been months since we have had visitors. But things are different now that my parents are fully vaccinated as are some of their friends. Today, my mom’s piano playing friend came over just as she used to every week. It was wonderful to see her and visit without facemasks so everyone could be heard and understood. Even more joyous was the sound of the 2 pianos playing as they struck up their old habit. Then we all sat down for lunch together. This visit was the first of many that we intend to have as more friends and family become vaccinated. We are so looking forward to being in relationship with people once again.

I Found God today in a visit and joyful piano music.

2 comments on “Back to Playing

  1. Hi Tammy, You don’t have to wear masks after you are vaccinated?? We are told to wear masks even after we are vaccinated and social distance for some time as the experts don’t want the virus spreading and it still can. Also new outbreaks and the variants are everywhere and they are not sure how these vaccines work against them. I just want you to be safe, we will be wearing masks for quite some time I am afraid. As always I Love reading your posts. Stay Safe and Well. Paula


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